Munna Handloom Blog Latest Products Wed, 27 Sep 2023 03:30:35 +0530 en-us Lungis: An Ethnic Wear, Which Serves More Than Just An Attire Mon, 26 Apr 2021 17:14:35 +0530 The diversity of Indian culture is extremely rich. There are various cultures, religious practices, languages, religions, ethics, etc. in one single place. Even beyond the prevalence of many cultures and subcultures, all traditions and customs have a major goal of doing good and spreading everywhere good things.   In all parts of India, vibrancy and variation can be conveniently seen and is regarded as the best part of Indian culture. The food, individuals, places and garments can easily show these features. For their cultural events and religious practices, every state has various costumes like a cotton check lungi for instance. In southern India, for example, white is considered favourable where it is known to wear only in funerals in many other areas of the country.   Women: There are numerous ethnic wear types within the female category and they are all versatile and innovative over time. For example, Cotton Sarees are one of those clothes that have a modern turn and are very user-friendly. Silk Sarees on the other side are also fashionable and they are chosen for traditional events that have a traditional yet attractive appearance, which is why they are irresistible. In contrast, Sarees with heavy sticking works, Lace, Broad, and Narrow frontiers are still used for women in the form of Anarkali suits, Salwar suits, Sarees etc.   Men: There is also plenty of traditional attire for men, which men use since ancient times and continue wearing because they have a different kind of style. Lungis, Dhoti, Kurta Pyjama, etc. are by far the most popular dresses that are used for any favourable use. The elegance of these traditional costumes gives a more splendid appearance.   Lungis: Lungi is a fabulous wrap-around sleepwear garment used in South India, in particular by men and women, Tamilnadu and Kerala. It is casual wear used by people living in South Indian rural areas. Hard-working labourers use it also as work clothing. In every Tamil wardrobe, this colourful clothing is a must-have. Here are the amazing advantages of a lungi:   Comfort - Lungi is our tropical climate's best garment. The moving around in a Lungi is very satisfying. Indian are accustomed to sitting on the ground in their culture, which is easier in a lungi than the challenging process of sitting on the ground with jeans. Avoid Bad Odor - While wearing trousers, the large concentrations of sweat around the genitals gives us a higher chance of a bad smell. This is because your legs and private parts have lower airflows. The use of a Lungi is an excellent solution. Easy to Wear - It's easy to wear, and dressing up with a lungi only takes about a minute. You just have to tie it right, and in a minute you're ready. Continuous Air Flow - Lungi will be properly ventilating your legs and private parts all day. This maintains unnecessary skin conditions. The bacterial action in overly sweating areas does not result in a bad odour. Final Words: Not only is Lungi attractive, but for the Indians, it is an emotion. It is an everyday partner in one’s life and nothing other than lungi can align convenience and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Consider buying various kinds of unique lungi from cotton check lungi supplier India. Beautiful Sarees- The Heritage of West Bengal Sat, 15 May 2021 09:37:17 +0530 The Indian sarees are wrapped behind garments in history and culture. Every state has six or nine yards attire style. A saree describes the history of cultures and many times related to the respective native region. The same goes with West Bengal as there exist many varieties of traditional sarees.   In the celebration, there are a few casual, formal, and traditional wear for Bengali women. Check all the details throughout this article.   Tant Saree: Almost every woman in West Bengal keeps Tant Saree in her collection due to the indispensable stapling of the bengal old days. It is made with cotton and people like it due to its lightweight. Here you will find different Tant sarees as per the language, culture, and region.   Garad Sarees: It comes with different colurs like red white checks and others. It is termed as a ‘Lal-Par’ saree due to its unique white and red combo. These are made in Murshidabad and preferred in Durga Puja. Nowadays, you will find different subsets of this saree.   Korial Saree: It is the modern version of Garad sarees. You can recognize it by the ornament borders and attractive motifs in pallu. It is worn on religious occasions. You will find the versions when you visit West Bengal in any puja event.   Silk Sarees: It is made with solid and lovely patterns. It has a shiny appearance which makes it special for big days. The patterns are hand-crafted by the artists.   Baluchari Sarees: It cherishes every woman by its prized possession. It is an excellent alternative to Banarasi Sarees made in UP. It was named after the village called Baluchor during the reign of Nawab Murshid Kuli Khan. Most of these sarees show Hindu scripts like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Now its production is available in Bishnupur.   Kantha Saree: It includes delicate thread touch in the fabric. Typical running stitches make it suitable to add as an embroidery cloth. Some old materials are recycled and reproduced as Kantha Saree. Later, many modifications are already seen in Kantha Magic.   Tasar Saree: It is the pride of Malda as it holds a special feel of paisely and floral motifs. It consists of a crispy texture to enhance the outlook of any woman. These types of sarees come in different colours.   After the arrival of hot summer, Check Cotton Sarees are the refresher. These are available for superior look and quality. There is no wonder of being the first choice for any woman for its comfortable and classy feel. Bengal kinds of cotton have passed a long way after surpassing top giants in the world.   There is a huge global following of cotton sarees for their delicate fabric, excellent weaving techniques, etc. There is heavy production of Check Cotton Saree West Bengal as proper infrastructure lies in the regions of Bengal.   You may look for more features that make it look finer and smoother. Tant and Baluchari sarees have gained more fame in design. Baluchari sarees are shown in Indian Mythology and we can guess their importance as well. Formal Cotton Saree- Comfortable outfit perfect for all occasions Tue, 22 Jun 2021 10:06:54 +0530 Cotton sarees can be worn in the office, daily wear and party wear. The cotton saree market has grown with designer sarees manufactured with cotton that hit the frames. Several reasons contribute towards the elegance achieved by the formal cotton-made sarees. The following points highlight the reasons that make these sarees eminent wear beyond the geographical boundaries.   Comfortable for All Seasons Cotton cloths are comfortable wear for all seasons. Though many consider them specific for summer wear, these can be worn in winters. They are harmless for any skin type without letting any type of skin problems.   Useful for Various formal and Casual Occasions Formal Cotton sarees in west Bengal are suitable as casual wear as well as to dress up for festive occasions. In fact, wearing a saree at Indian festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja has been a tradition for periods. Even the foreign ladies visiting India on various occasions prefer to wear clothes made up of cotton.   Formal cotton saree is an excellent option for office wear too for ladies working at places like schools, colleges, the hospitality industry, the aviation industry, and different offices wear these clothes made from different cotton varieties. An Indian wedding is incomplete without colourful and elegant clothes. Some bridal sarees are also made up of pure cotton that help the bride to dress up in a charming way for the most significant purpose of her life. Ladies in West Bengal are also attending the wedding are also seen wearing alluring sarees.   Elegance and Femininity Cotton sarees make women look elegant. Sarees help women to display their femininity impressively. The colours and patterns these clothes showcase enough to make every woman look excellent.   Cotton Sarees for All Age ladies Cotton sarees are comfortable for ladies from all age groups and with different heights as well. It is supposed that sarees made from other silk, chiffon, georgette or others are not as easy to wear as formal cotton; it is fit for all types of feminine figures. Great options in patterns are available at the format cotton saree suppliers west Bengal for slim women and for those curvy ladies.   Unlimited Variety Formal Cotton Saree suppliers from West Bengal are known to make different types of cotton sarees accessible online for women. Here are some of the highly preferred and famous sarees made from cotton:   -Gadwal: These sarees are known for their Zari work and bright shades, making them perfect for special occasions.   -Jamdani: Crafted in West Bengal and the neighbouring country of Bangladesh, these sarees are known for their flower patterns and are expensive.   -Sambalpuri: These are handwoven in Sambalpur in Orissa and are known for their geometric motifs. These sarees are expensive too.   -Kota Doria: These cotton wears are designed in the West Bengal state of India. Lightweight and transparent borders are the salient features that are expensive too.   Reach the best supplier of Formal cotton saree West Bengal at their website to see the whole collection. From there you can place quick order to get your selected saree at your doorstep. Easy payments and return options make online cotton saree purchasing highly preferring. Cotton Linen Sarees and How They Found Their Way to Every Indian Woman’s Wardrobe? Thu, 15 Jul 2021 14:46:16 +0530 In India, the cotton-linen saree supplier India has garnered much prominence since the time the five-yard of sheer elegance was introduced in the world of fashion. These types of sarees can be worn both during the day parties and at night events, because of their versatility. Also, the cotton-linen fabric deserves a special mention, given how it works well with your skin, without causing them any discomfort. Every inch of your curves and bodyline is appropriately flattered and portrayed through a cotton line saree without any kind of indecency.   Cotton Linen Sarees in India and Its Surge in Demand The cotton-linen sarees are rising in demand with each passing day, thanks to their cost-friendly prices, attractive designs, patterns, and of course, the comfort which lets you wear for a long period san any discomfort. If you are thinking to buy a cotton linen saree that you can wear throughout the day, make sure to choose a sturdy fabric.   How Cotton Linen Sarees are Skin-Friendly? That cotton is our skin’s best friend is well known. They are one of those fabrics which you can wear in all seasons. And cotton sarees on the other hand doesn’t trigger any sort of skin problems whatsoever unlike polyester or other fabrics. Nothing can match the seamless blend of subtle designs with flexibility in a saree than the cotton-linen ones.   Buy Cotton Linen Sarees within Your Budget The cost of cotton linen sarees is budget-friendly, and hence anybody having any kind of economic status can purchase them. But no matter whatever you buy, make sure the saree is of high quality to ensure they stay with you for a long period.   The Look of Cotton Sarees Stays Intact for Several Years The luster found in cotton linen sarees refuses to dissipate even after multiple laundries and steaming. There are so many benefits you enjoy as the wearer of a cotton linen saree. Not only do these sarees make for a minimalistic yet sophisticated glam quotient, but they are also suitable to be worn on all types of occasions. They would be a nice choice if you are jaded with the same old georgette sarees, or silk sarees, or something else.   Cotton Linen Sarees Boast of a Bespoke Solid Nature The cotton-linen sarees boast of a solid nature, think chancery designs which help you to flaunt them on special occasions like weddings, receptions, evening parties, etc. The pattern available on cotton linen sarees has garnered worldwide fame because of its subtlety.   Cotton Linen Sarees are Known for their Breathable Fabric The chances of stinking wearing a cotton linen saree are always on the lower side. It is because of the breathable nature of the saree’s fabric that restricts the option of stinking. Stinking can come in between you and your self-integrity, especially on special and prestigious occasions. The cotton-linen sarees have been every Indian woman’s first choice for a lot of reasons. They are weather-friendly, have the right fit, and are available in different designs, colors, price ranges, and fabric quality. Style your cotton linen saree well, and make some heads turn this summer. Why You Should Plain Cotton And Other Types Of Lungi? Sat, 28 Aug 2021 10:54:11 +0530 The lungi is also known as Tahband in some places is actually a kind of sarong that first originated in India. It is often described as a lower garment or skirt for men that is wrapped and worn around the lower waist. The way of wearing a lungi varies in the different states and districts of the Indian subcontinent. Usually, it depends on the area or the culture of a place.   Lungis are popularly worn in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore. In Singapore, the lungi is called longyi. The plain cotton lungi is quite popular among men in places or regions that have a high humidity and heat level. This is because men often find it uncomfortable and unpleasant to wear long trousers or similar tight garments in regions that have such high humidity.   Some plain cotton lungi suppliers of India have also introduced the multi-coloured lungis that are used as casual wear or nightwear. In Kerala, people wear the lungi by tying a double knot on its tail and then tearing the bottom end to fold the lungi into the tail. A variety of colourful and beautiful designs are found in the lungis of Kerala and South India.   This makes the lungis suitable for use by both men and women of the state. The working class or labourers often wear a lungi on their way to work and they refer to it as ‘kaili’. Another popular variation of the lungis is the dhotis or Mundus. The dhotis are very similar to the lungis bit they are mostly found in plain white. And they also have a little bit of embroidery usually done with the colour of gold.   The golden embroidery on a lungi is known as kasavu. Dhotis are quite commonly worn by men as formal attire. Ceremonies and special occasions like wedding functions or festivals are considered the best occasions for wearing dhotis. Mundus on the other hand are the lungis that are saffron in colour. They cover the body of men only from the waist to the knees.   Most lungi suppliers of India manufacture their lungis with help of handlooms and weaving methods. Usually, a lungi worn by adults is about 115 centimetres. Lungis are also available for kids but those are two-thirds of what is worn by adults. In states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, the lungis are worn only by men. In Punjab, these are worn by both men and women.   The lungis that women wear are known as laacha. And the ones worn by men are called tehmat. Both of these lungis are considered to be an important part of the traditional dance groups that perform Bhangras. The tying method of a lungi is quite different in Punjab as compared to the other states and also they are completely unstitched and extremely colourful.   In states like Odisha and West Bengal lungis are mainly worn by men when they are at home. A lot of social and regional rituals even include the lungi as a mask. Popular Types Of Cotton Sarees Mon, 08 Nov 2021 10:21:02 +0530 One of a woman's most gorgeous garments is the saree. It can be moulded and flaunted just like-new clothing in traditional attire. The saree is a type of dress that flatters all ladies, regardless of their appearance or body shape. It has the inherent ability to bring out the best in you simply by being present. As a rich and diverse country, we have adequate cotton saree alternatives supplied by Cotton Sarees Supplier West Bengal for any occasion. Cotton is one of the oldest and most widely used textiles. There are many styles that represent the many Indian sarees, each with its own particular qualities. Look through our selection of cotton sarees for every occasion. Cotton Sarees Come in a Variety of Styles:- Cotton Saree with Kalamkari Print Authentic saree prints, especially on cotton, shine out like nothing else. The famous kalamkari print is a traditional hand-block art that is rendered and practised in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It's made of 100 percent cotton, giving your beauty an unrivalled depth. Printed Bagh Saree:- Bagh print is a combination of dot and stripe patterns that results in a Bagh Cotton patterned saree that resembles the skin of a Bagh. A cotton mull with a soft and breathable texture has been carefully picked to preserve the comfort level of this saree. It can be cleaned or gently washed in cold water using gentle formulations. Liquid detergents are recommended. Cotton Saree with Embroidery:- The saree has a length of 5.5 meters and is perfect to wear at weddings, parties, or even work. It is made of poly-cotton material and has a fully embroidered craft. The most intriguing part of these cotton sarees is the golden double border, which adds a pop of colour to the saree's green colour. Cotton Kasavu Saree from Kerala:- Kasavu is a form of real cotton saree popular in Kerala. The fundamental colour of this saree is white, and its broad golden borders add to its appeal. Kasavu refers to the golden edge of the saree that makes it shine brighter than the stars. The saree's border and floral pallu are hand-painted, adding to its allure. It is one of the best sarees on new and bright, sunny days. Cotton Sambalpuri Ikat Saree:- Sambalpuri Ikat sarees are well-known for their intricate and beautiful yarn-backed tie-dye art, which is applied before the appropriate weaving method. As a result, the tissues that are eventually gathered have unique patterns. To thread the cloths on the handloom, the technique is accomplished without the use of electricity and by hand. In order to make a single sap, the designated weaver's action and rhythm must be centered in harmony. Final Words:-   Wearing sarees has developed from a strictly traditional garment for ladies to one that can look, work, and be worn on the go. Why not? Sarees are embellished and welcomed in a wide range of ways, from designers to celebrities and bloggers. Cotton is one of the most comfortable and breathable textiles for the summer. Almost every state in India has its own traditional cotton saree hallmark. In India's sweltering summers, women also choose to dress in cotton. Wearing Lungi Has Several Advantages Mon, 24 Jan 2022 10:39:30 +0530 Lungi by White Cotton Lungi Suppliers is a wonderful wrap-around sleepwear garment used by both men and women in southern India, particularly in Tamilnadu and Kerala. It's a type of casual clothing worn by individuals in rural parts of South India. It is also used by heavy laborers as a work uniform. Each Tamilian's collection should have this vibrant clothing. Let's look at the advantages of lungi.   LungisAnd Their Applications:- Lungies are often used by our country's ordinary folks in their houses. Some folks even catch up on their sleep by spreading it out if there isn't a bed cover nearby. Multinational corporations have been displayed white lungies. There have recently been some new applications for lungies, and the lungies, tel, and noon of the general public are loosening up. However, the impact of all these whims on lungies related to bulging bellies falls short.   Wearing Lungi Has Several Advantages And Benefits:- Lungis has a plethora of benefits. Whenever it comes to buying cotton lungis, the convenience of browsing for white lungis online is unrivaled. It is, without a doubt, really practical and it may be worn at any moment. A lot of people spend their entire day in a lungi. Everyone prefers to dress in clean clothing, but the advantage of lungis is that they may be worn from both sides. It's great that we have so many possibilities for purchasing cotton lungis online. Various components and brands from various vendors may all be purchased in the same place. You can view all of the hottest trends without needing to spend a lot of money. You have a fantastic option to buying from all wholesalers without any restrictions.   Comfort:- For our tropical environment, the lungi is the most appropriate clothing. In a Lungi, it is incredibly easy to move around. We are accustomed to sitting on the floor in our culture, and doing so in lungi is simpler than lying on the floor when wearing pants.   Simple To Put On:- Lungis are simple to put on and take less than a minute to do so. All you have to do now is knot it properly and you'll be ready in under a minute. Avoid Unpleasant Odours:- Due to the significant accumulation of perspiration around the genitals when wearing trousers, there is a higher risk of unpleasant odour. The lack of ventilation among your thighs and private areas causes this. Wearing a Lungi is a great way to solve this difficulty.   It's Simple To Sit On The Floor:- As previously said, our culture requires us to eat a meal and do Pujas on the ground. Since a trouser is not as flexible as lungi, sitting on the floor in one is hard. Continuous Flow of Air:- Throughout the day, Lungi keeps your kegs and private areas well aerated. This helps to prevent skin disorders that aren't essential. This does not result in the unpleasant odour created by bacterial activities in very sweaty places.   Conclusion For the residents of Tamil Nadu, White Cotton Lungiis more than just a piece of clothing; it's a feeling. It is a constant friend in your life, and no other clothing compares to lungis in terms of comfort and easiness. So, what else are you looking for? Go to the nearest store and get a variety of distinctive lungi. Why People Choose Handloom Gamcha And Other Products? Fri, 29 Apr 2022 14:57:19 +0530 A new visit to Asansol had been very invigorating for us. As a handloom lover and advertiser, we have generally energized our partners, pursuers, and watchers to pick handloom items. A nearby experience with weavers of Assam built up utilizing handloom items rather than the power loom.   While we recognize that power loom items are less expensive than handloom pieces of clothing, there are many benefits of utilizing handcrafted things. By purchasing handcrafted items, you won't just help a local area of labourers, yet you are additionally utilizing a harmless to the ecosystem item, decreases carbon impression, and offers many medical advantages. We should investigate a portion of the advantages of utilizing handloom items over the power loom articles of clothing.    Why Use Handloom Products? India is the lead maker of handloom textures internationally, i.e., 95% of the whole world's creations. It is time we support the framework that offers work to 43 lakhs of labourers in the country.    Increases The GDP Of The Country  As referenced by a couple of weavers who presently are into sends out says that when one purpose and advances handloom pieces of clothing, it has an extensive effect on the nation's GDP and monetary development. The handloom Gamcha is popular for its softness, beauty and a lot more.    Employment  The handloom area does 15% of the texture creation in India and keeping in mind that it offers direct work to townspeople the nation over, it additionally supports professional open doors in metropolitan areas. Studies have shown that putting resources into handloom creation has a quick and direct business impact. Besides, after horticulture in India, handloom is the main work generator in the country.   Health Advantage Handloom items are made of normal strands, and the weavers additionally utilize natural colouring or eco-colouring frameworks. At the point when you utilize these regular strands and colours, it offers medical advantages. For instance, natural colours use onion, turmeric, and various types of blossoms and pass on to extricate the varieties and engraving them on the article of clothing which is in touch with your skin. Recuperating properties regular to turmeric, onion, and other normal items end up being very gainful to your skin and generally speaking wellbeing contrasted with fake filaments and substance tones.   Uniqueness If you need to stand apart wearing something phenomenal and dissimilar to some other item on the lookout, a handloom is the best approach. Since they are independently hand-tailored, no items are indistinguishable, similar to machine-made ones. Furthermore, the items can be redone, and there is a colossal space for advancement and flexibility according to the client or provider's necessity.   Upholds Tradition  In numerous families, handwoven silk sarees are passed down from one age to another. India's handloom industry is very old and has a rich legacy and history. By utilizing handloom articles of clothing, you will engage the local area of labourers who are delivering it and maintain the deeply rooted creation of making these special bits of workmanship. It is time that people should handloom products and increases the economy of the country. Choose the best quality Handloom Gamcha suppliers and get products from them for your use. Why should you Wear a Linen-Cotton Saree? Wed, 27 Jul 2022 15:32:15 +0530 Linen and cotton saree are one of the most amazing and comfortable daily-use saree made from natural fibre. The fibre of the linen fabric comes from the flax plant, one of the most admired fabrics in the world, because of its comforting effect.  The linen fabric is light, dairy, and comfortable. Linen saree is made from the flax plant's fibers that are unique.    The Specialty of Linen Saree Linen saree are famous for their light and soft fabric. It is a breezy fabric that is suitable to use during hot summer. It is a perfect fabric for the summer season because it has a unique sweat-absorbent capacity. Due to its skin-friendly nature, people prefer to wear this fabric during summer.  It is one of the most superior quality fabrics to other types of fabric. One looks perfectly elegant in this beautiful saree. This gorgeous and extraordinary fabric has a unique sweat-absorbent capacity that keeps you cool in the scorching heat.  Due to its sturdy nature, this fabric can last longer. Unlike cotton, linen is a little bit thicker, and it is a durable fabric and stronger than cotton fabric.   Different types of Linen Saree Linden saree can be different types, such as follows- • Cotton linen saree is a unique blend of cotton and linen that gives this saree a strong texture. Due to its unique combination, this saree can be a unique summer outfit. • Silk linen saree- This linen saree is the unique combination of silk with linen that gives this fabric a lustrous appearance. This saree has a rich appeal and is perfect for special events. • Linen saree with border- A beautiful linen saree looks elegant with a border.  • Linen saree with zari work- Zari work can give a unique appearance to the linen saree. It gives a grand appeal that makes it easy to carry in different occasions.   Unique Style for Cotton Linen Saree If you want to make a unique style statement with your office wear, you can try a comfortable linen cotton saree with a zari border. You can wear the linen cotton saree with a full sleeve kalamkari blouse. Buy a soft pastel linen saree in the summertime for your comfort. Try to dry wash the linen saree at home without harsh chemicals or detergent. It is helpful for linen fabric.   How to Choose Linen Saree When you decide to choose the best cotton linen saree supplier, you should consider these factors-   1. The percentage of linen in the fabric is a vital thing that you should consider. Manufacturers use cotton, khadi, silk, and wool with linen to make it durable. 2. Best quality linens are soft, breathable, and comfortable. An original line can absorb moisture and gets dry easily. 3. If the manufacturers use an authentic spinning process, they can produce good-quality linen fabric. Wet spinning achieves the finest yarn. You should consider these unique things while buying linen from any authentic saree manufacturer or supplier. You can visit several online stores for this purpose.