Latest Products Latest Products Tue, 27 Sep 2022 22:28:07 +0530 en-us Cotton Lungi Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a cotton lungi wholesale suppliers from Asansol, West Bengal and our lungis are made in machines and are used to make varying artistic appearances by extensively using colours and designs. In many states and provinces of India, lungis are clothing for traditional and regional culture. The most common use of lungis is in the southern Indian states and parts of Eastern and Northern States. It is descriptively a rectangular type of clothing, which is worn by men. It is worn around the body as a draper. The Lungis originated in the south of India and has, since its launch, spread to different Asian communities and regions at a very high level of popularity. Lungi is the simplest and easiest of all invented clothing, so new cultures should also welcome it. Lungi is a single piece of cloth that has a cylindrical design and is tinted together to create a long piece of cloth. The lungis are typically sewn from Cotton or Silk in the typified colours and designs. The most common lungi patterns are the tamed and those with a solid texture of colour or colour combinations. This helps to ensure that weavers are in economic condition and helps keep them comfortable throughout the weaving process. It also provides a beneficial economic standard for the use of handlooms. Our Lungis are making a big difference in the textile industries with the increasing acceptance and appreciation in the foreign markets and cottage exhibitions. The demands in different cultures have increased because the comfort and characteristics of the lungis are easily realized by instant use. This leads to new levels of profit-making and recognition of the textile industry. Cotton Sarees Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 No other material but cotton is widely used when it comes to sarees. It is meaningful because the cotton sarees made only of cotton have several advantages. At the current time, the cotton saree does seem to be extremely popular. With effective measures, cotton sarees are cheaper. Daily wear must be made with stronger fabrics and clothes that are much compatible with the skin. With us, there are large collections of cotton saree. We are manufacturing a wide range of cotton sarees in Munna Handloom in Asansol, West Bengal for our customers as cotton sarees wholesale suppliers West Bengal. These sarees have good quality fabric and give the wearer maximum comfort. Saree is an impartial, unjudgmental and widely accepted lifesaver. When it comes to designs and comfort, cotton has always been the favourite and preferred fabric. In all situations, our cotton sarees look sophisticated. You can look from dawn to sunset at your exquisite best. Cotton is often suggested as a natural remedy to skin diseases by a dermatologist. Our cotton Sarees are comfortable to wear and could be worn throughout any situations. A high-quality saree remains unchanged for quite a long period of time. Our cotton sarees whether they are sheer weaves or designer versions, preserve almost all of their allure and freshness even after a decade. Compared to many other providers on the market, our cotton sarees are lower in price, better value for money and much more officially marked up. We as a cotton sarees supplier West Bengal, hold a wide customer base who absolutely adore our collection. We assure you that our cotton sarees are something which clearly does stand out from the rest in the market. Cotton Checked Lungi Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a reputable cotton check Lungi supplier India from Asansol, West Bengal, selling Lungis of brilliant colours and check patterns at the ends with advanced material to reduce tearing. In many states and provinces of India, Lungis are garments of traditional and regional culture. The most frequent use of lungi is in the South Indian states and parts of the East and the Northern States. It's a rectangular shape, descriptively, and it's worn by men. It is worn around the body like a draper. Our lungis are constructed from machinery and are used to have varied decorative appearances through extensive use of colours and designs. The lungis in the southern states of India are widely used as an everyday costume. Lungis are used for day and nightwear, due to the ease of which it exhibits. In the very damp or overly hot weather, it also provides comfort and relief particularly. In addition to the Indian subcontinent, the Lungis are very common in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Lungis were created in Southern India and have spread to various Asian communities and regions at a very high rate since their introduction. Our lungi is the best and simplest of all of the clothing invented so that new populations are readily embraced too. Lungis have become more popular with and accepted by different communities as domestic and even public clothing. In the beginning, lungis were more solid in colours and reduced in linings, while the design development led to the use of different coloured colour tones and clustered colour patterns. Plain Cotton Lungi Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a renowned plain cotton lungi suppliers India from Asansol, West Bengal and our Lungis are a continuous material woven into a long, cylindrically designed piece of cloth. Our lungis are typically sewn from cotton in distinct colours and designs. The most common lungi patterns are the tamed and those with a solid texture of colour or colour combinations. This helps to protect the economic status of tissues and helps them to maintain their comfort in the weaving process. It also provides a beneficial economic degree with the use of handlooms. In many social and religious rituals, lungis are used as a mask. Since the twisting and double knotting process was developed, the mechanism of using lungi is also evolved. The waistline of the lungi has brought in new innovations to create a knot that leads to stronger bonding. The length of the lungis has also been made to fit by the wearer for more usual wear. The style of dressing of lungis varies according to area and culture. People of the working community in Kerala tie a double knot of the lungi's tail and tear the bottom end of the lungi to fold it into the tail. In Karnataka, as is the tradition, lungis are used by the bridegroom and the family members in wedding ceremonies and rites. Economic status and availability in different populations often vary in material quality. The lungis are mostly unstitched in the northern regions with the longitudinal parts. Lungi wearing is strictly limited within domestic borders in more conservative societies. Printed Cotton Lungi Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a Printed Cotton Lungi Suppliers from Asansol, West Bengal providing the best quality printed cotton lungis. Lungis are fast-paced clothing that makes a high profit on relatively moderate time and resource investments. The distinctive style and multi-colour adjustments allow prospective buyers to categorize their requirements in a comfortable short selection time with ready-made lungis. After its swift adoption as an inclusive garment in diverse cultural areas along with international recognition, Lungi weaving was more widely recognized and practised as an industry of handloom or looms. Even if lungis have extremely simple wearability, they can be combined with the modern top garments of various cultures with wonderful versatility. If they are properly supplemented by ideal dress, they give a striking contrast and design etiquette. Though it is usually worn by men in India, you will also find women wearing it in some areas. A lungi is attached or fixed in various ways, depending on the occasion. Lungis may be worn by men and/or women according to local custom (rarely). They are bound or attached in different ways and can be used for various cultural events, from ordinary everyday life to elaborate marriages. For everyday use, the most common knot is a simple "double torsion" with two points in the top of the lungi and twisted twice with the ends tucked into the tail. However, a double pretzel knot from 2 points at the top is also common to wearers, which creates a secure knot. This makes it easier. For eg, tucking into the lungi at the tail can also change the lungi's longitude to make it look like a shorter skirt. White Cotton Lungi Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a White Cotton Lungi Suppliers from Asansol, West Bengal and our lungis can be used as both day and nightwear thanks to the simplicity of which it exhibits. Lungis in the southern countries of India are widely used as an everyday costume. It also offers comfort and relief, especially in hot or extremely humid weather. In addition to the Indian Subcontinent, Lungis are very common in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. While Lungis were Indian original creations and regions, the famous lungi style also spread through the neighbouring countries. The indigenous peoples of Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Malaysia adopted the lungi as their clothing, mainly because of the wet and unpleasant weather, its extreme comfort. Maybe no other Indian apparel is as straightforward or less lumbering as a lungi, a dress worn around the tail. The roots of the traditional lungi can be traced back to South India, although it is now also common among several other Asian communities. Often Lungi is made from cotton and can be used in many styles, designs and colours. In South India, this traditional Indian dress is most often worn. It's made of silk or cotton and a welcome break from the sun in summer. Most traditional ceremonies are attended by men dressed in lungis, and the famed bhangra dance is a must-see for the performers. Regardless of the lungi's colour and pattern, the top and bottom of this cloth are often a thin line or strip. A lungi, since it is sewn like a skirt, is distinct from a dhoti that is a linear board. Check Cotton Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 In Indian culture, cotton sarees are very widely known. These sarees pursue the look of a lady from day to day. The epidermis is well able to dispose of with cotton saree material rendering it highly admiring and productive for the person wearing. The woman bodyline and figure are always shown correctly through cotton sare draping. In Munna Handloom, in Asansol, West Bengal, we manufacture a broad range of check cotton sarees for our customer base. The sarees are made from good quality material and offer a comfortable experience to the wearer. The charm and the freshness of our sarees will always go on permanently. Cotton sarees have many advantages. Our check cotton saree West Bengal are awesome to showcase and dress up as well. In this endless world of moral judgement, the saree is life-saving clothing when it comes to an occasional stereotype meeting. During the summer, our cotton sarees are the perfect choice for breathing and for wearing in the middle of summer. The daily fabric makes it efficient and efficient for people of all choices. There are simply zero chances of drooping, one of the main advantages. The cotton sarees offer the work with a great and unique brilliance, which could be extraordinary and offer a suitable marriage ceremony format. Women in West Bengal prefer the aesthetic of our cotton sarees, which show the best design elements at the moment. Our cotton saree is indeed very weather-efficient as well as accommodating. The lightweight cotton fabric allows users to circulate the facilitating air quite comfortably and efficiently. Cotton Casual Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Cotton casual saree West Bengal could be an eternal heirloom or a purely functional cloth worn every day. It’s seen in the sidewalks and roadways and has impacted fashionistas across the globe. It becomes much easier to send or to make a sandwich with a sari. It looks painful to wear and it has credibility, but ask one of several millions of women who wear one each day – that's not the case. The Sari is an equitable garment that encompasses socio-economic distinctions. In Munna Handloom, in Asansol, West Bengal, we manufacture a broad range of Cotton Casual Sarees for our customer base. The sarees are made from excellent quality material and offer a comfortable and cosy experience to the wearer. The sarees represent Indian women for much more than centuries. No other garment is as easy to wear and yet offers as much graciousness as a saree. When you speak of sarees, the materials always seem to be cotton. The comfort our sarees provide the wearer is never-ending. The simplicity of our sarees has been one of the favourite features. You ought not to consider making the mistake of assuming that they will not look attractive on you since they are basic. Our productive workers make sure these sarees can perform as much as possible even with a clear and concise design On our cotton sarees you can find a range of colours, designs and motifs. You could believe you have a heavy price to buy a saree, if you decide to purchase one that is comfy and yet elegant. This is nothing but a misconception. Our cotton sarees are very cost-effective and without smashing your account, you could even have as many as you would like. Cotton Plain Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 No material other than cotton is commonly used for sarees. This is significant because only cotton-made sarees have many advantages. The cotton saree tends to be particularly popular at present. Cotton sarees are cheaper with efficiency measures. Daily wear must be carried out with better skin-compatible fabrics and clothing. There are large cotton saree collections with us. In Munna Handloom, in Asansol, West Bengal, we produce a wide variety of cotton sarees for our consumers as a cotton plain sarees supplier West Bengal. The sarees are made from good quality material and offer a comfortable experience to the wearer. Saree is an unbiased, unjudging and generally accepted rescuer. Cotton will always be the favoured and recommended fabric when it tends to come to design elements and convenience. Our cotton sarees are diverse in every scenario. From morning to sunset you can look at the best of your preference. Our cotton sarees beat pretty difficult summers and extremely cold winters. The fabric needs to adjust the temperature of the body in order to protect nature. The air flows by cotton conveniently, while the body maintains moisture. The fabric's consistency is so pleasurable that it is intact for a long time. even After ten years, the designer sarees, even multicoloured, appear fresh. In the proximity of cotton, there is no other fabric. Cotton fabric is the preferred piece of fabric. The primary reason for this is their rich texture, soft feel and isolating features. The production procedure is simple and also in industrial sectors apart from designing and producing it has a number of applications. Cotton Printed Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 In Munna Handloom, we are a quality-oriented company that produces the best quality Printed Cotton Saree with the standards of the industry. Our experts have been exquisitely crafted for different models. In addition, these are made of accredited fabric from high-profile suppliers following diligent international quality checking. As printed cotton sarees wholesale suppliers, our company has been awarded awards in the field of Printed Cotton Saree production, export, trade and supply. These sarees reflect the rare symphony of the classical and modern styles, known for their attractive and complex designs. The printed cotton sarees are perfect for business wear as well. So you can see that cotton-printed sarees have a varied ability to meet your requirements and improve your appearance. Luxuriously printed cotton sare is your wardrobe's real asset. The easiest way of changing the appearance of non-substance is to print it. Since Indian arts and culture are still the same, Indian printing techniques have succeeded in producing masterpieces. Many modern fabric designs have been developed, but traditional printed sarees have successfully maintained their own aura and atmosphere. There is no other textile near cotton wear. The most favourite type of clothing is cotton fabric. Their rich texture, gentle feel and isolating characteristics are the main reason. The manufacturing process is relatively simple and even in industries other than manufacturing it has a number of applications. There is no waste component of the cotton farm. Think about any piece of clothing—whether it be a saree or a cloth, they both can be made from cotton. Because of the subtropical soil cotton clothing is used particularly in southeast Asia. Cotton clothing proves to be useful even in tough winter months. Formal Cotton Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Cotton sarees can be worn in the office, daily wear and partywear. The cotton sare market has grown with designer sarees and manmade cotton that hit the racks. Fashion designers and stylists are trying to promote the rich appearance of cotton. Some of us love the sleek yet delicious appearance. Only one fabric will assist you in this. Cotton sarees are so versatile that they can both look simple and mimic a runway appearance. In Munna Handloom, our formal cotton saree West Bengal beat tough summers and freezing winters. The fabric adjusts the body temperature in order to preserve nature. As the body retains the needed moisture, air passes through cotton easily. The consistency of the tissue is so pleasant that the cotton saree is long intact. Designer sarees, also multicoloured, appear fresh after ten or two. Every woman loves Saree and they enjoy experimenting with various styles and looks. Many women choose to wear saris to work, although some people may feel reluctant to wear saris to work because they do not know how to get it right. If you're among a woman like this, don't worry, we're here to show some stunning office sarees. You can not only see these sarees but also learn how to carry a saree for a formal look. In the first rule, the colour chart must be subtle and light when holding a bureau wearing a saree or formal sari. For formal saris, pastel colours are suggested. The second thing you must be careful not to wear very loud colours or prints. Cotton Linen Saree Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 With the help of extensive industry experience and business understanding, we at Munna Handloom offer our valued customers a wide range of cotton linen saree. As a cotton linen saree supplier India, we ensure that our linen saree’s natural texture has a silky feel and a lustre. It is suitable for handwoven textile due to the fluid falling on the liner. Linen is one of the lightest of all the best textiles. It has sweat-absorbing properties and is comfortable. The principal advantage of wearing linen is that it makes airflow easier and shows better heat. You are looking for comfortable sarees to refresh your wardrobe? The best choice for this would be linen sarees. The linen sarees are made of the purest types of cotton that fit our best conditions for the weather and make us comfortable during the business day. This saree has a blouse that matches the colour of the saree with a subtle amount of style. Drap it for an elegant and bossy look, as a workplace requires the costume. All colleagues' eyes turn toward you with the excitement of buying such perfect workwear. It does not become difficult as people believe or exaggerate, coming to the maintenance portion of this saree. Just a nice starch soak and a mild machine wash once in a while. The normal washing of machines for the remainder of the days is more than enough to take care of such types of sarees. Simple dry cleaning at regular intervals might allow you to skip all those steps to make the maintenance part easier for you. Handloom Gamcha Tue, 09 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a unique entity in this sector, which consistently offers a premium range of cotton gamcha being handloom gamcha supplier. Building on our enormous experience in the industry and business knowledge, we provide our valued employers with a wide range of Gamcha from Asansol, West Bengal. Gamchha is an Indian traditional towel made of thin coarse cotton. While it is usually used after bathing for drying the body, gamcha has other uses as well. It constitutes an important piece of men's clothing, especially those of India's lower sectors. For example, physical workers, such as coolies, construction workers and farmers, are often seen carrying gamcha on their shoulders. The Bengal, Assam, Orissa, etc., Gamcha are common among people. "Gamchha" is the Bangladesh word and means "to wipe the body." You will learn that people in the Bihari community are pronounced as gamchi. This towel is considered to be super absorbent, so it is ideal for towel use. Gamchas are more suitable for use in India's tropical and humid climate, not as large as its western variant. However, this fabric graced the simple lives of weavers in a certain number of other ways. In Assam, a decorated version is offered to esteemed guests as a symbol of honour. Young guys wear gamcha as a garment in Orissa, and when they are teenager they switch to dhotis. But probably the most singular usage comes from farmers, who use it to battle wild dogs, wolves and even leopards, who have wandered into settlements or fields. Cotton Dhotis Mon, 15 Mar 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Munna Handloom is a cotton dhoti suppliers from Asansol, West Bengal selling excellent quality dhotis to our customers. Dhoti is India's typical men's wear. Lungi is sometimes misunderstood with dhoti, but it's a different attire. Depending on the country or province the styles and attitude of the dhoti shift. It has been present in many roles and proceedings. It has many regional names in the various Indian States such as Mundu, Maharashtra Dhotar, Punjabi Laacha and Uttar Pradesh Mardaani and Bihar. It comes in an off-white or cream colour essentially. Either cotton or silk can be used for this fabric. It is mainly rendered using a gold border in most regions of the south. This makes it look richer and more advanced. This fabric is generally made with 5 yard long strips. Dhoti garment is wrapped in the southern lands in about five knots. The wearing style varies from country to country. It is often worn in pant form in other parts of India and not in the South region's skirt style. Some of the dhotis look like a pant, hidden behind it. There has been much creativity in the dhoti world. However, many improvisations and Westernization gave the world dhoti pants, which are combined with the structured dhoti of western pants, the traditional wear is still prevalent in different circles of society. This is a lovely, totally unisexual breakthrough. The brilliance of the style and delicious colours that blend the essence of these pants can be seen. This innovation has become a strong success for the people of India, particularly the younger generation. Pure Cotton Gamcha Thu, 01 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530